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What Industry Are We Building? This was the theme of the 4th Edition of Music Trends Brasil. Where does our responsibility for a diversified and self-sustaining market begin? With better opportunities and more openness to all music styles? When acting in the protection of rights, when observing the movement of streaming services in the music market, the emergence of new startups and their relationship with the market, the data protection law, audience building, distribution, among other topics covered in this conference edition, we move to and from the construction of our industry, our market. Are we doing it consciously? Having this idea as a background, the programming was divided into umbrella themes starting with THE AGE OF EXPERIENCE.

Extending the user experience to stand out. New models of content diffusion. An analysis of curating and building successes. The most effective means of discovery and popularization of music. How to be discovered in the long tail. Those were the main subjects of the conference’s first day. In the workshop room we had Twitter and Facebook, trainings for independent artists, as well as a lecture on Innovation in Product and Service Offering.



The Brazilian General Data Protection Act goes into effect in 2020. Are we prepared? Other debates went deep into copyright, market intelligence, Brazilian technology companies and their services, the challenges of public performance collection in Brazil and around the world, and what the labels of the future will look like. In the workshop room we had training on Spotify and Youtube tools, the latter focusing on authors, other trainings for artists and a lecture on Artificial Intelligence and Music. Deck (one of the first and most important indie labels in Brazil) celebrated its 20th anniversary with us by presenting the documentary “Tudo pela Música” exclusively.


On the last day of the conference we discussed the topic of AUDIENCE BUILDING from different angles. We approached MUSICAL EDUCATION as a path to a DIVERSIFIED MARKET. We talked about LEGISLATIVE ACTIONS as a way to the self-sustainability of the music market. We unraveled the most recent studies of NEUROSCIENCE and what it brings about the importance of music in the formation of the human being. We featured electronic games, content added to streaming such as lyrics and liner notes, and Brazilian music market integration with Latin America. The last day began with the already traditional Women in Music panel. Much to move forward and much to celebrate. In 2019, among the conference's female speakers we had two hands full of HEADs, department leaders, and at least one hand full of relevant award nominees such as the Latin Grammy Awards and the Women's Music Event. We achieved parity between men and women in attending the event and a 24% growth in delegates. In the workshop room we had Deezer and again Youtube that had this second workshop focused on artist channels. We featured technology for music, as well as more trainings for artists in marketing and rights, including a workshop on music video creation.


AND THE PROGRAMMING DIDN'T STOP THERE. In addition to regular training, we had mentorship in partnership with the Women in Music association.


HAPPY-HOUR EVERY DAY IS ALSO ALWAYS A HIGH POINT at MUSIC TRENDS BRAZIL. A moment of relaxation and relationship provided by our sponsors. We also had showcases with Gabriel Elias and Comadre Dávilla.


The honorees of the fourth edition of Music Trends Brasil 2019 were producer Sérgio de Carvalho (1949 - 2019) and lawyer Gloria Braga who for 22 years headed ECAD and leaves the institution November 2019 passing the baton to Isabel Amorim. Sérgio de Carvalho and Glória Braga join the Hall of Fame instituted by MTB that already has André Midani and Fernando Mansur (honored 2017) and Eduardo Andrews (honored 2018).

The 5th edition of Music Trends Brasil will take place on 21, 22 and 23 October 2020.




See you soon.